Can light exercise make fatty liver “disappear”?

Fatty liver, I believe everyone should have heard of it. It is quite common in our daily life. It mainly refers to a disease caused by excessive fat accumulation in the liver caused by various reasons. It belongs to Reversible disease. Therefore, if after fatty liver occurs, if the patient can adjust diet, change lifestyle habits, and actively participate in sports, it can effectively improve fatty liver and even restore it to a normal state. Today, we will mainly introduce the relationship between exercise and fatty liver. Those who are interested can take a moment to understand.

Is it true that fatty liver can be eliminated by exercise alone?

No, because there are many types of fatty liver, which mainly include alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The former is mainly alcoholism. The most important solution is to stop drinking. The latter is mainly related to unreasonable diet. Among them, non-alcoholic fatty liver caused by obesity accounts for 80% to 90%. Therefore, exercise can be said to be an important means to eliminate non-alcoholic fatty liver.

What kind of exercise can eliminate fatty liver?

Because the specific conditions of each fatty liver patient, such as physical fitness, whether there are other underlying diseases, etc., are different, so the specific exercise plan is also different, you can according to your own situation, please ask the doctor to help you determine the most suitable for you Sports program.

Generally speaking, the most suitable exercise for patients with fatty liver is aerobic exercise , including medium pace walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc. You can choose according to your own preferences. However, patients with fatty liver should keep in mind a principle when exercising : during exercise, mainly low-to-medium-intensity aerobic exercise, step by step , and the body can bear it, don’t rush; at the same time, be sure to do it before exercise Warm up to prevent injury during exercise.

In addition, not everyone with fatty liver is suitable for eliminating fatty liver through exercise. Some patients with fatty liver are ineffective in exercise therapy, and for patients with fatty liver, blind exercise is not conducive to recovery, so Pay attention to avoid, specifically which fatty liver patients are not suitable for exercise, let’s take a look.

For these fatty liver patients, exercise therapy is ineffective!

First, it is alcoholic fatty liver. This type of fatty liver is mainly caused by long-term alcoholism that causes liver cells to fail to catabolize fat normally, resulting in accumulation of fat in the liver. Therefore, for alcoholic fatty liver patients, the most important thing is to stop drinking.

Secondly, it is malnourished fatty liver. This type of fatty liver is mainly due to dieting, weight loss, partial eclipse and other reasons. There is not enough energy for normal consumption. It can only consume fat stored in the body. Once fat enters the liver in excess, fatty liver is prone to occur. Therefore, for For patients with malnutrition fatty liver, the most important thing is to adjust their diet first.

Third, it is fatty liver caused by chronic diseases such as diabetes. If you want to improve through exercise, the effect is not ideal. For this type of fatty liver, you can only actively treat the primary disease first. If the fundamental problem is solved, the fatty liver will naturally disappear.

Finally, there are some patients with fatty liver, if blindly exercise, it may also bring serious consequences, which need to be avoided, as follows:

1. Patients with liver fat caused by drugs, alcohol and poisons should not exercise. Excessive exercise may interfere with liver metabolism and affect recovery.

2. Patients with acute fatty liver, such as acute fatty liver of pregnancy, Reye syndrome, etc., should also limit their activities, preferably bed rest.

3. Fatty liver patients with frequent ventricular premature beats and atrial fibrillation should minimize exercise.

4. Overnutrition fatty liver patients with severe diseases, such as acute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, and fatty liver patients with severely impaired liver and kidney function, should be prohibited from activities to avoid deterioration of the condition.

Warm reminder: In order to avoid the harm caused by blind exercise, it is recommended that patients with fatty liver before exercise, it is best to consult the attending doctor to see if they are suitable for exercise, and then implement it.