Microsoft advertises Xbox Game Pass when installing Windows 11

Microsoft has provided the Windows 11 installation process with an option to join Xbox Game Pass, the company’s game subscription. This can be seen during the installation of the operating system from USB.

Windows 11 Xbox Game Pass

During the options that Microsoft shows when installing the Insider Build of Windows 11, a window appeared with the offer to purchase an Xbox Game Pass subscription, Skywaypost found during the installation from USB. Users can directly join the game service, or thank them and complete the installation.

Microsoft made it clear during the announcement of Windows 11 that it will bet more on Xbox Game Pass with Windows 11. For example, Xbox Game Pass is integrated into the Xbox app with the OS. That app offers subscribers access to more than a hundred PC games and Microsoft promises that game streaming will also come to the app. Xbox Cloud Gaming now only works through the browser on Windows.

Microsoft is testing ads for its other products in Windows more often. For example, during tests it placed banners for Office Online in Wordpad , a paid OneDrive offer in the explorer , and it emphatically pushed Bing and Edge forward in the OS.