Samsung aims to release 576Mp camera sensor within next four years

Samsung aims to bring a camera sensor with 576 million pixels on the market before the end of 2025. The manufacturer’s sensor with the highest resolution to date has 200 megapixels. The step is possible by further reducing pixels.

Samsung: 576Mp sensor in 2025. Source: Image Sensors World

The move is featured on a slide from a presentation by a Samsung executive at the SEMI Europe Summit, which Image Sensors World reported on . It shows an overview of camera sensors from the past twenty years, with a resolution of 576 megapixels being mentioned by 2025.

This should be possible by further reducing the pixels. The smallest pixels on a camera sensor are now 0.64 microns on the newly announced 200-megapixel sensor . The slide does not show anything about specifications of the camera sensor. When it comes to a 4:3 ratio, that would work out to a resolution of about 27,700 pixels by 20,780 pixels. With a pixel size of 0.5 microns, that would equate to a 144-square-millimeter sensor with an optical size slightly above 1″.

For example, the sensor could use 6×6 pixels for a single photo, resulting in 16-megapixel photos. It is unclear to what extent the development of the sensor is already underway. Samsung presents several camera sensors per year.