What exercises to build muscle for a woman?

What exercises to build muscle for a woman?


Women who want to get into weight training often aim to slim down. Sometimes, they even give up getting started, for fear of inflating, and straying from their goal. Indeed, there are several ways to build muscle, so let’s see what are the best exercises to build muscle for a woman.

The different exercises to build muscle

The basics 

First and foremost, you have to keep in mind that building muscle can potentially gain weight. Be careful not to confuse “slim down” and “lose weight”. In fact, you know that muscle weighs more than fat. If you lose the fatty layer (which will be beneficial for your health) to the benefit of muscles, you may gain a few pounds, but consider those pounds to be good pounds. Of course, if you have 15 pounds to lose you will lose them, however if you are already at a healthy weight and want to slim down, you might gain a kilogram or two on the scale, while losing 1 or 2 sizes. clothing.

Then, whatever your goal, try not to focus on one muscle group. You have decided to lose belly, or buttocks, thighs, calves … Logically, you will embark on a specific exercise program for this area of ​​the body. However, be aware that when a muscle group is trained, the loss of fat mass is not necessarily located in this zone. To achieve the goal of a harmonious figure, work your whole body. It is also important for posture and everyday life.

Exercises for a flat stomach and a slim waist

A plump belly can be due to bloating, or an excess of fat, but also to a relaxation of the deep muscles. To have a flat stomach, it will not be enough to work the chocolate bars (the superficial muscles) but to work the deep muscles and the obliques well.

The Russian twist:  Sitting on your buttocks, knees bent and feet on the ground, place your back straight. Rotate your chest and hands to one side, then gently to the other, with a ball for stability, or nothing at all if you don’t have one. Increase the difficulty by lifting your feet off the ground.

The plank:  it is the core exercise par excellence: place the palms of the hand on the ground, as well as the feet, then raise your body with the strength of the arms. The legs are straight. The back should be straight, buttocks and neck in line with the spine. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds, remembering to breathe.

The hypopressive abdominal strengthening  : Lie down on your back, legs straight and tight, arms at your sides , remember to stretch the tips of your feet; lift off your head and feet a few inches. Raise the right leg a few centimeters (an angle of 45 ° for example) while keeping the left leg straight in its initial position; raise the left leg at an angle of 45 ° while lowering the right leg which returns to the starting position (kicking or scissor movement). From this same position, you can do a virtual pedal boat motion, or simultaneously spread your outstretched legs 90 degrees outward.

Exercises for aerial arms

Elbow bend:  with small bottles of water, in a standing position, arms outstretched at your sides and legs bent, belly well sheathed: alternately bend one elbow after the other, raising the bottle towards the shoulder . You work the biceps in this way.

2nd exercise:  Dips for the triceps:  place your hands on a chair or bench behind your back, shoulder-width apart. The legs form a right angle with the buttocks in the air. Lift the body with the strength of the arms, bending and straightening the arms, breathe well when you come back up.

An exercise to have slender legs

The chair:  ideal because it can be done anywhere and anytime, the chair exercise consists of positioning ourselves as if we were sitting on a chair: standing against a wall, arms relaxed and feet together, we are lower along the wall until the thighs are parallel to the floor, then hold the position between 30 seconds and 1 minute. We take a rest time of about 1 minute and start again. The muscles work in sheathing so the thighs will not swell.

Exercises to have plump buttocks 

Squats:  The squat is a great exercise for your glutes. It also works secondarily on the thighs, calves, lumbar and abdominals. It is therefore very comprehensive. It is achievable in load with weights, or with the simple weight of the body. It strengthens and participates in a good physical preparation but it is also aesthetically interesting to bounce your buttocks. The quadriceps and the glutes being very large and therefore consuming energy, it also allows you to burn calories. Exercise : 

standing, legs shoulder width apart, toes slightly apart outward and arms stretched out in front of you, bend the legs while inhaling, and pushing the buttocks back until you have the thighs parallel to the floor as if to squat. Get up slowly and while blowing to return to the starting position. Voluntarily contract the buttocks at the end of the exercise to insist more (as if to tighten the two buttocks one on the other).