Apple supposedly wants to build electric cars from 2024

An electric car from Apple with new battery technology – according to a media report that will be there in four years.

A long way for the Apple Car (symbol image)
                                    A long way for the Apple Car (symbol image)(Image: Pexels / CC0 1.0 )

Apple reportedly plans to start producing a car in 2024. Such rumors have been around for years as Apple struggles to develop software for autonomous driving. The car plans were actually considered abandoned, but now the Reuters news agency reported , citing people familiar with the matter, that Apple had made enough progress to build its own vehicle.

The electric car should contain a new battery technology, it says in the report without further details.

After the first reports about Project Titan, which is supposedly the internal development name for the car, in February 2015, the project went quiet for the time being. More recently, government applications have made it clear that Apple wants to test autonomous cars. The company received approval to test such vehicles on public roads in California in April 2017 and is already using some converted Lexus SUVs.

Apple is said to have initially hired more than 1,800 engineers to work on Project Titan. Then the focus was changed . In October 2016 it was announced that Apple had downsized the company and wanted to focus on the software side.

The project, which was never officially confirmed, has an eventful personnel history. Until the beginning of 2016, technology development is said to have been headed by Steve Zadesky, who was also involved in the development of the iPad and iPhone. He left Apple – allegedly in an argument. His role is said to have taken over by Chris Porritt , who was formerly head of development at Tesla.

The former Apple engineer and top manager Bob Mansfield has been brought back and is said to have taken over the overall management of the car project. Mansfield is also said to have ended plans for a full vehicle and pushed ahead with the construction of a platform for autonomous vehicles. This is said to have made employees who Apple had recruited from the automotive industry to leave the project.

Many experts from the automotive industry had been asked about a possible Apple car. Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche said in early 2015 that, in his estimation, Apple was not building its own car. According to a later report, neither BMW nor Mercedes wanted to help Apple build its electric car.