Instagram copies TikTok feature for use in Reels

Instagram has introduced the Remix feature, which is a copy of the Duets feature in TikTok. With Remix, users can grab a video from someone else and also comment or imitate the video.

Instagram Reels Remix

The Facebook subsidiary brand calls Remix “ one more way to collaborate on Instagram. ” The function works by calling up the context menu at a ‘reel’ in the app and clicking on ‘Remix This Reel’. Then it is possible to record your own reaction or imitation in real time, with the original video on screen. This will then be placed next to the original video. Remix is ​​available immediately, the company says.

The feature is a copy of the Duets feature, which has been in competitor TikTok for several years now. Reels is Instagram’s version of TikTok, with short videos intended for showing dances and skits, among other things. Reels was released in the Netherlands in August last year . It is unknown how many users the Instagram feature now has.