Apple will supply independent repairers worldwide with parts

Apple will supply parts to independent repairers who sign up for its program in 190 countries. This is now only the case in Europe, the US and Canada. The repairers are allowed to replace screens and batteries.

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This makes the program for independent repairers available in almost all countries where Apple products are sold, the manufacturer says . This makes the program available in large countries such as China, India, Indonesia and Japan, as well as in Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles, among others.

Under the program, repairers can apply to qualify to purchase screens and batteries from Apple. For repairs to other parts, buyers still have to go to Apple itself or an ‘authorized service provider’, the manufacturer says.

The program has a strict contract, Motherboard revealed last year . Repairers can face hefty fines if they purchase and use third-party parts in addition to Apple parts. Apple also reserves the right to inspect stores.

It is unknown whether Apple can maintain its restrictive repair policy in the long term. European politicians are trying to break open the market for repair of electronics with European regulations. France is ahead of this with labels on reparability . In the US, the federal government and many states are also in the process of establishing the principles of Right to Repair in regulations.