Kia shows electric car EV6 with curved widescreen display as dashboard

Kia has shown the exterior and interior of its EV6, the South Korean manufacturer’s first model designed based on the E-GMP platform for electric cars. The dashboard and infotainment system consists of a wide curved screen.

Kia EV6

The exact size of the screen and what resolution it has is not yet known. Kia only shows images and speaks about a high-definition display in a press release . The renders show that the screen starts behind the wheel and continues to the center console. The area behind the wheel shows details about speed and range, while the right side is used for the infotainment system and navigation.

According to Kia, the car will have a minimal number of physical buttons. Above the center console, below the screen, are haptic ‘buttons’ that allow passengers to adjust heating, ventilation and air conditioning settings.

Kia has not yet provided technical specifications for the EV6. That will happen later this month at the official unveiling. The car is the manufacturer’s first fully electric model based on the Electric-Global Modular Platform . That was developed by Hyundai and was presented at the end of last year.

Hyundai E-GMP

All electric cars from Kia and Huyndai will be built on this E-GMP platform from this year. The platform is suitable for cars with a range of more than 500km and supports an 800V battery system, which can also switch to 400V for charging. Last month , Huyndai introduced its Ioniq 5 . Because it is based on the same platform, that car probably gives a picture of what can be expected from the specifications of the Kia EV6.