Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most played open world games

Playing open world games can easily take tens of hours and those who want to have everything complete can sometimes spend hundreds of hours on it. Not everyone gets around to it. Ghost of Tsushima is such a game and it appears to be played out remarkably often.

Ghost of Tsushima Reshapes A Real Place Into a Beautiful Fantasy

So far, 50.2 percent of Ghost of Tsushima players have finished the game. This can be seen on PlayStation consoles by looking at the percentage of players who have achieved a particular Trophy. Players receive such a reward for completing the game, for example. Ungeek keeps track of such percentages and notes that Ghost of Tsushima is doing remarkably well .

Of all the recent open world games on PlayStation consoles, only Marvel’s Spider-Man has been played out a little more often. In that game, 50.8 percent of the players have achieved the corresponding Trophy, but that game is considerably shorter. The top ten also includes games such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Days Gone, Death Stranding and Red Dead Redemption 2; they are all well below 40 percent.

Playing out in this context only means completing the storyline in the game. So it’s not about collecting all items or completing all side quests . According to the website HowLongToBeat, completing the Ghost of Tsushima storyline takes about 25 hours. That is relatively short for an open world game, but nevertheless it is still too long for half of the players. More linear games are played a little more often. The Last of Us Part II led the rankings in September last year with 58 percent and that later rose to 60 percent.

Game Percentage Played Out

(On PlayStation consoles )

Time Required

(storyline, according to HowLongToBeat )

Marvel’s Spider-Man 50.8% 16.5 hours
Ghost of Tsushima 50.2% 24.5 hours
Assassin’s Creed Origins 38.2% 30 hours
Far Cry 5 36.7% 18 hours
Days Gone 34.7% 38 hours
Horizon Zero Dawn 34.1% 22.5 hours
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 30% 42.5 hours
The Witcher 3 29.8% 51.5 hours
Death Stranding 28.6% 40.5 hours
Red Dead Redemption II 28.2% 48.5 hours
Watch Dogs 2 24.9% 19 hours
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 19.8% 54 hours