Samsung is considering not releasing a Galaxy Note this year due to chip shortages

Samsung is considering not releasing a Galaxy Note device this year, due to chip shortages. According to a top executive of the electronics giant, it can be difficult to release two top models this year. It may be postponed until next year.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung co-CEO Koh Dong-jin spoke about the possible postponement at an annual investor meeting, Bloomberg writes . According to Koh, it could be difficult to release a Note device in the second half of this year. In recent years, Samsung has consistently released a model in that series of high-end smartphones around August. “The timing can be adjusted, but we are trying to release a Note model next year,” said the CEO.

Samsung itself produces Exynos socs for smartphones, but also buys socs from Qualcomm, which are produced at TSMC. Due to the high demand for chips, there have been shortages for months. This currently mainly affects video cards, processors, consoles and cars, but the smartphone market may also have to deal with this. Koh expects the chip shortages to affect Samsung’s financial results in the second quarter.

There have been rumors for a long time that Samsung wants to stop with its Note series, but Samsung has already debunked that. At the end of last year, the manufacturer indicated that a Galaxy Note would appear in 2021 . Due to the chip shortages, this is therefore uncertain and the device may be postponed until 2022.

Whether it is a new design is unknown, but it is plausible. Note devices that come out around August usually have the same soc as the Galaxy S models that come out at the beginning of the year. If Samsung postpones its Note, a newer chip can also be placed in it.