Workplace pressure is high, beware of neurodermatitis !

Core reminder: Neurogenic chronic inflammatory skin disease is more common in young adults. At present, the cause of the disease is not clear. It is generally believed to be related to endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal dysfunction, infection foci, excessive fatigue, mental stress, scratching, sun exposure, and drinking. , Mechanical physical stimulation, etc.

Soon after the end of the new year, office workers across the country will leave their homes one after another and embark on a journey of part-time work. Today’s society is a society full of pressure. Whether it is a white-collar worker sitting in an office, or a delivery worker, driver, or cement worker outside in the sun and rain, they all bear varying degrees of burden on their shoulders. At this time, if you don’t pay attention to adjusting your mind, your body will be affected, and you may get neurodermatitis.

Neurodermatitis is mainly due to mental stress

Neuropathic chronic inflammatory skin diseases are more common in young adults. At present, the cause of the disease is not clear. It is generally believed to be related to endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal dysfunction, infection foci, excessive fatigue, mental stress and scratching, sun exposure, drinking, and mechanical Physical stimulation and other related.

Neurodermatitis, also known as chronic simple lichen, is characterized by lichen-like changes on the skin and severe itching. People can’t help but scratch. Sunlight, hyperhidrosis and mechanical and physical stimuli often promote the occurrence of this disease. In addition, when gastrointestinal dysfunction, endocrine disorders or infection foci in the body may also promote the occurrence of this disease. In the early stage of the onset, the affected area is itchy intermittently, and it can cause insomnia at night. Papules appear on the skin due to itching and scratching. As the disease progresses, the papules gradually merge into pieces, the skin thickens to form lichenoid changes, the skin is dry, the dermatoglyphs deepen, and the skin crests Protrusions, with clear borders with normal skin.

As the pace of life accelerates, the prevalence of skin diseases related to mental stress is getting higher and higher.

Don’t scratch when suffering from neurodermatitis

Although neurodermatitis is very common, with the development of the disease, itching will become more and more severe, making people restless, and even unable to sleep at night, which ultimately affects normal life. Patients can’t help but scratch, which can easily lead to skin breakage. In addition to affecting the appearance, it can also cause aggravation of the disease, thereby increasing the possibility of infection with other diseases, such as folliculitis. What’s more, it will cause body dysfunction.

If it is really intolerable, sedative and antipruritic drugs can be given appropriately. However, it should be noted that these drugs will often make people sleepy after use, so some people engaged in special types of work such as car drivers and high-altitude workers should not take them. In addition, hormone ointment can also be used in an appropriate and appropriate amount to apply externally to the affected area, but the pros and cons should be weighed on areas with thin skin such as the face and perineum.

The key to neurodermatitis is prevention

Neurodermatitis is a skin disease with dysfunction of the skin, which is more stubborn and difficult to cure. Once you encounter predisposing factors such as stress, friction, sun exposure, etc., it is easy to relapse, so prevention is very important.

First of all, we must relax our emotions and try our best to maintain an optimistic and positive attitude. We must form a pattern in our life and combine work with rest.

Secondly, eat less irritating foods in the diet, such as peppers, wine, strong tea, coffee and other foods. Also eat less seafood, lamb, etc.

Third, maintain good personal hygiene and clean the affected area appropriately. Cleaning can reduce the occurrence of infections, but also avoid stimulating the secretion of oil. But try to avoid soaps or hand sanitizers with strong bactericidal properties, and cleaning products with strong alkaline will cause chemical irritation to the skin.

Fourth, once you have neurodermatitis, don’t be too nervous and go to a regular hospital for effective treatment as soon as possible.